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I just noticed that all of the submitted works aren't listed on the front page (artisan hall). Only the official works are listed and there's only 2 pages. You can browse to view the submissions via the Gallery link on the left panel, but they aren't listed on the front page.

Will new submitted works be listed on the front page? If not, is there an RSS that includes both official and submitted works?

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Artisan Hall v. Gallery & Submitted v. (Published) Works

Great questions, all - hope this answers them!

There is an RSS feed for new Works published on the site (it's in the lower left corner of the home page center panel of content).

The home page Artisan Hall (river of content) is meant to showcase newly published Works and News from the Stewards. It is not meant to be a complete list of all published Works. After a short period of time, Works will roll off the home page.

The Galleries are self-explanatory as far as mediums go. Only Official Works can be found in the medium galleries, with the exception of "Alternate History." Alternate History contains (surprise!) only Alternate History Works.

At this time, when a Work is published, it appears simultaneously on the home page and in the appropriate Gallery.

Also, if you double-click on the "Gallery" button, you'll see a view of *all* Official Works, listed in reverse order of publication (the drop-down sub-menu will open/close, but the view will appear).

Lastly, I want to clarify something about your comment, "official and submitted works." Not all submissions are published on this website (some may not be clearly set in Gallidon, some may include copyrighted material from other worlds, etc.). All works published on the site are either Official or Alternate History.

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