Continuing stories

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Is there a specific policy or informal rules about picking up stories and continuing them?

I have an idea for the flash fiction of "Gerin: The Wastelands", but it's not set up like the Rogue Sketches with formal rules.

In an instance like this, should we use the ideas such as the characters and story and continue it or should we develop a new story using the ideas?

Just wondering which "play nice" rule comes in here.

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Play Nice & Gerin: The Wastelands

Play nice in this instance (a flash fiction) would involve a quick note (via email or Comment if no email is available) to the original writer asking if he is working on more Gerin stories or if he has some plans for Gerin & the Wastelands. If his plans for Gerin (if any) don't conflict with your plans for Gerin, there should be no problem with you writing a Gerin story.

A basic point for Play Nice is to try to contact the creator as a courtesy and see if you need to coordinate your story with his/hers in case they have an on-going project with the character. This will hopefully avoid any conflicts along the lines of a character being in two places at once, dead - not dead, married - not married, etc.

Otherwise, just don't irreparably damage the character without the creator's consent. Feel free to mess the character up, just make sure he/she can recover for the original creator to play with again, too.

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Gerin up for grabs

The Gerin flash fiction was a little scene I wanted to use to begin exploring the Wastelands. The Sand Devils were my attempt to hint at the fact that something with ill intentions had emerged from that desolate area and made its presence known.

My vision was this: the most southern and northern ends of the continent felt the least presence from the Imperial Isle, and after The Destruction, these areas were hit hardest by the power vacuum created as most of the nobles migrated or disappeared and the Guardsmen were pulled to other posts/duties closer to the Isle, possibly never to return.

The citizens had to arm themselves, with most of the local military gone or in disarray. Gerin rose to the challenge.

Did he create The Swordsmen or simply join them? Are The Swordsmen a handful of justice-bringers or a large army loosely organized and patrolling The Wastelands borders? The Sand Devils are humanoid, but are they human? Neylon: lifetime friend or surrogate brother after Gerin lost his own blood brother to the Sand Devils? Did Gerin even have a brother? And how in the world did Gerin find himself facing off against a Guardsman?

I'd be happy to share my thoughts on these questions, but I'd truly prefer to be surprised with your own answers.

As to continuity, feel free to jump in before or after this story (but I would suggest sticking with the presumption that this happened sometime after The Destruction). You could explore how Gerin came to be with The Swordsmen or pick up some time well after this particular Work occurs (I didn't pin down a particular date for this Work to leave it flexible). Or just pick up right where I left off.

These Ideas are yours to use as your imagination inspires you...I'm looking forward to seeing where you take them!