A few more general questions...

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Hey folks,

So, I keep checking the site, especially the forums, hoping to see some new posts on what is being created and I really haven't found much. Is their content being added behind the scenes I'm not seeing?

Also, not to be negative, but the wiki is not very useful. There is no real way to browse the pages other then blind guess on a search function. Some ideas that might help. A start page with some major categories (http://gobbernomicon.burrowowl.net/index.php/Category:4e)? or a random page button to allow you to hop around some? I have just found it a bit hard to see what is out there to get some feel of how things are growing and what the flavor is developing towards. Just some ideas.

I am still working on the little mini adventure, but I am having some confusion on how to make the encounter system agnostic. Our group is currently running 4e, so I am building the encounters with that in mind, but if your group is running Savage Worlds or Pathfinder or Old D&D, my 'encounter' may be to hard or to easy or just plain wrong. WRT to the encounter as well, I've developed some maps, but an artist/cartographer I am not. When I submit, if anyone wants to 'pretty' them up that would be cool.

Finally... Since it is a human centric world and I noticed that you have Necromancy Runes, I assume undead in their many flavors is OK?

Thanks guys and hope the word gets out on the concept!


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Agnostic encounter systems and 4E

Hi JP,

Regarding the first two constructive (not negative – helpful observations) comments, I've started a new thread in the forum for RoG Works in Progress and another concerning the Wiki.

On the RPG module:
I'm currently playing in a 4E game myself, and I suspect we're facing some of the same issues when it comes to conversion to an “agnostic” system. One of my biggest beefs with 4E is the complete state of chaos when it comes to the not-so-open gaming license. What is WOTC's policy in regards to posting 4E rules modules online in independent sites? Until we can figure it out, our policy is DON'T.

So we're playing it safe and just trying to stay “agnostic.” Unfortunately, this means that GMs will be forced to do a bit of work on most modules published here for the time being to adapt the scenarios to their particular system and the levels of their PCs.

As to the restless dead...
The Emperor is missing, barriers that most didn't even realize existed are falling along with the Empire. After all these centuries of peace and order, I strongly suspect there are more than a few violently disgruntled ghosts, wights, wraiths and possibly even a vampire or two rousing themselves out of their long dirt-nap to gain a sense of satisfaction for some slight or other suffered in their former life.

Besides, there's always room for zombies!

We have no official policy for it, but I strongly suspect someone will take the time to pretty up maps for a cool adventure module. After all, this site is built for collaboration!