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Hello, all.

My name is Austin. I am currently a stationed at Fort Sill, OK. Most of my early life I spent reading books, and the rest I spent mainly playing RPGs. I played 3.0 D&D for quite a bit, until I went to college, where I couldn't find a group.

I repair radars for the Army. Well, I SAY I do, but there is never anything to do, so...

Anyways. When I am not busy doing "things", I like to roleplay in Legend of the Green Dragon, or type short stories. As soon as I finish my current one, I will begin adding to RoG. I look forward to help expanding this world.

I plan on using the Army to pay for the rest of my college and become an editor.

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Hi Austin,
Welcome to Gallidon. Reading books & RPGs is a pretty good way to jump-start writing & story-telling skills.

I've never tried Legend of the Green Dragon, but you'll find some of my RPG endeavors on the site in a generic system format.

I'm looking forward to reading your stories & thanks for adding your voice to RoG.

Tony Graham
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