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Found you site when I was cruising for some CC artwork to borrow for my group’s D&D games. Thought I’d drop in my 2c.

Unique hook is lacking. Where is the ‘unique-ness’ factor for RoG? From what I saw this is a very vanilla generic swords and sorcery world. There is nothing setting this apart from other universes and nothing to draw crowds to RoG over another setting (ie Hobbits are cool so I’ll do something with Tolkein fantasy or I like Kenders so I’m gonna be in Krynn). I think the hook could be the magic system (runes), but right now it’s just a shell of a system. If you flesh it out I think would help a lot. Then people could go “oh I want a robust and unique magic setting… I’ll use Runes”. Right now Runes just seems like a less developed version of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire world.

RoG universe in general seems to be a very narrow slice of fantasy. The Border’s bookshelves are full of fantasy/horror, multi-racial fantasy, and historical fantasy. There is very little mono-cultural, low tech swords and sorcery. Television is rife with Japanese anime and Korean stylized cartoon shows (ie Justice League Unlimited). The only ‘traditional swords and sorcery’ shows (live-action) I can think of are Krod Mandoon and the terrible Legend of the Seeker. I’d suggest adding some other cultures or at least establish guidelines on such. This can also help prevent someone from injecting medieval Kryptonians into the universe. Or stopping one author from say the world is flat and the next saying, no its round. :)

Lastly, and I understand this is a beta release only, I think you could do with a bit more structure to the universe. I applaud and agree 10000000% that creativity of your contributors should not be stifled, but encouraged. However, there should be a solid set of ground rules to start from. It is sort of like trying to have a village build a sailboat entirely on the lake instead of starting with the owner building a frame on terra firma then village helps build the sails on the lake.

Hope this helps. Seems like you guys and gals have some good starting points. Hope you can finish laying a strong foundation and get this going. Getting tired of horror and crappy Star Wars books where Luke saves all.

Btw, LOVE the map. Reminds me of the orcish symbol for WAAGGHHH from Warhammer. Very cool looking


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Thanks for the feedback

First, hope you're able to use some of the art on the site in your D&D campaign!

Second, thanks for taking the time to comment on the world. This entire site/project is an experiment in building a new, fictional world in a collaborative manner. The struggle to find the balance between "enough content/structure for Artisans to be intrigued" and "there's no room left for the Artisans to make their mark on the world" is never-ending. When in doubt, we prefer to err on leaving too much canvas rather than painting Artisans into a corner.

This beta period continues to be a time for us to fine-tune the world and get feedback from the creative community. Thanks for the feedback and your patience as we work our way towards the official release of Runes of Gallidon later this year.

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my 2c

Interesting that you find the world vanilla. I believe that was the intention of the designers. We the people are to add the uniqueness. The hook if you need one is the fact that we are allowed to steer the world in a direction rather then be lead in a direction. One of the worst things i found in my years of playing D&D is a campaign that forced you to go in one direction and did not allow you to explore and experience the world. The story i wrote for this I think is a better story because i was forced to think of new things rather then cut and paste from some other person's idea of fantasy fiction. The restrictions that the designers put in place and the "vanillaness" of the world make writing (or drawing) for RoG both a challenge and a liberating experience. Hope you contribute to this experiemnt. It was definitely fun for me.