Warding Lockes

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Warding lockes allow adepts to cross vast distances between two fixed points. They are permanent wards created in tandem with a rune-weaver. An adept must be familiar with the destination warding locke in order to open/activate the origin warding locke.
Mastered by House Morana.

Are these Warding lockes like portals? If so, can only the adept go through the portal or can they bring other people and other things through the portal (such as items, horses, even boats if the portal is big enough, etc.) ?

Also, can we safely assume that all major cities (outlined on the map) have these lockes prior to the Destruction. I figure that some cities such as Mulcar might have destroyed their locke, but the other more civilizations cities should still have there locke, right?

I was just looking at the distances and I was surprised at how big the world is. Just going from Kinbornu to Tar Mira is about 1,000 miles and would take about 33 days or so on horseback (at 30 miles/day).

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Big Empire

Runes of Gallidon was purposely designed as a big place to allow early Artisan's to stretch their creative arms - grab 40 acres and a mule on your way in and set to work! The size also creates all the issues that come with the distances involved in a low-tech culture: the importance of the Imperial Roads, slow trade, slow exchanges of information, the increasing authority of local rulers with the fall of Empire, localized disputes and even small wars, cultural drift, varied terrain, varied weather, etc.

Warding lockes are the magical short-cuts. They are indeed portals, but only for people and/or man-sized objects. An adept could take other people or objects through if their skill were sufficient. Horses, wagons, boats, etc. are outside the bounds we imagine with the basic warding locke (come up with a cool rational for a larger one - make it extremely rare - and we might run with it).

I would expect every major city would have a warding locke or four. Some of them might be forgotten, their users having abandoned them. Others might be damaged by misadventure or neglect. Some warding lockes, in places such as Mulcar, might have been deliberately destroyed or possibly made into deadly traps. Anyone who now attempts travel to the Imperial Isle through a warding locke is never heard from again.

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Okay. That's a good reason why it's so expansive. It's just going to mean that my group of adventures will have a lot more traveling time to discuss things.

I read somewhere that a caravan travels at about 6 miles per day. So that would make a caravan from Tar Mira to Kinbornu about 167 days (6 months @ 28 day months).

Since it's so far, it seems like House Morana would be making a lot of money selling express tickets between destinations. Before the Destruction, I could see people traveling under Imperial Orders might use it for free, but after the fall I could see that the House and cities with the portals would levy a large fee and tax.

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Travel times

I've obviously looked at some of the same sources as far as caravan speeds go. However, figure a well-run caravan could make 10-12 miles per day on an Imperial road.

I have reservations about the idea of the House Morana going into the express travel ticket business. Mercantile activities are considered beneath the attention of the Greater Noble Houses. However, a Lower Noble House that had acquired the knowledge of warding locke operations (possibly construction?) could easily be operating such an enterprise. They tend to be where the merchant princes come from.

In any case, I imagine the placement and existence of any particular warding locke as a closely guarded secret of the nobility. I suspect many have simply been forgotten as the inhabitants died or moved on.

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Morana Global Travel Agency? I don't think so.

Just poking my opinion in on this one...

I get a distinct feeling that Warding Lockes are taxing to operate, difficult to maintain, and a resource of extreme prestige if not outright secrecy. How exactly do they work? What powers them? How is a destination location decided upon? Unlike technology in the modern world, arcane sources of power like this are not really understood and therefore are not relied upon for menial services.

If I was in charge of a Noble house, I wouldn't let anyone within one hundred feet of such a device. Spies, criminals, or an entire invading army would know my location and have access to my domain...because folks from my side of the portal would be telling them about it every time they went through it.

Even if such a wonderous form of travel was made accessible to the public, who would use it? Who could afford to use it? More importantly, how would it change the world? The mightiest nations on earth were limited in their scope by the time it took for information to travel...if Warding Lockes were being used casually, the Empire would look very, very different than it does currently.

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I found a good reference for speed calculations at http://www.d20srd.org/srd/movement.htm

I'd like to see a little bit of facts for the use of the warding lockes. I think this is a bit of world-altering information that should probably be decided on by the stewards. Otherwise, one artisan could have the wards everywhere and another might have them restricted.

I've also worked out a distance/time chart showing the calculations between cities (on land and sea) for various modes of travel via Excel. Everything is formula based, so I can just tweak the numbers to get a better estimate or other mode of travel/speed. The calculations would just be WAGs, but it gives me a decent basis to start with.

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Warding Locke

The Stewards weigh in:

Warding lockes allow adepts of the warding discipline to cross vast distances between two fixed points. They are permanent wards created in tandem with rune-weavers. An adept must be familiar with the destination warding locke in order to open/activate the origin warding locke. It is not an easy ability to master.

It is told among the nobility an adept could guide as many as two other people with them in a single passage if their will and mastery were sufficient. An adept must lead anyone making the passage who is not an adept of the warding discipline. Warding lockes have always been jealously guarded with varying degrees of secrecy depending on the location of the locke and Noble House involved.

The knowledge of how to create a warding locke had become increasingly rare over the centuries as fewer scions of House Morana worked in tandem with Imperial rune-weavers. The lockes have only ever been known to be created by the cooperation of these two powers.

Since the Destruction most of the nobility believe the creation of a warding locke to be a lost art.