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Blackwind is the home port of House Nuada and the de-facto capital of the Isles. Masters of Elemental magic, the scions of House Nuada are typically at sea aboard one of their many ships. However, there are always some members of the Greater Noble House ashore in the port-city of Blackwind.

Blackwind receives its name from the heavy layers of smoke and ash that fill the sky when the wind blows the discharge from a nearby active volcano north of the city. The resulting dark plume can be seen for miles at sea. The terrain around the port-city is a lush green landscape that slopes down to golden sands.

The port-city stands behind high walls that reach out to the sea. A narrow, deep-water channel provides access to the safe harbor that can shelter hundreds of ships with ease. The channel is heavily fortified by twin fortresses on each side of the narrow approach.

All manner of goods and services are available in the port of Blackwind, but it is worth remembering that the city has long considered itself outside the immediate authority of the Empire. Polite behavior is the social norm, but fights, assaults, burglary, theft, and murder are not uncommon. A purse and a dirk go hand-in-hand in Blackwind, both are required to walk the streets in relative safety.

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