Website Credit

Putting up websites these days is a trivial matter - making them look good and work the way you want is still something falling between art and science, and it's far beyond anything the Brain Candy, LLC team could do alone.

Many thanks to the Digital Wizards below who not only helped us realize the vision we had for Runes of Gallidon but also provided additional input/suggestions to push the site beyond our simple-minded goals.

Markus Sandy of Apperceive, Inc.

Uber Drupaller Extraordinaire, Markus oversees all technical aspects of site development and brought Jen and Nathan into the mix (rumor has it they finally forgave him). Endless patience, great people skills, and a willingness to offer options - not just answers - make him a genuine pleasure to work with. He brings far more than technical expertise to his projects (if you're headed up to the Digital Dojo, be sure to ask about the pulled chicken tacos).

Jen Simmons of Milkweed Media Design

Queen of the CSS, Jen brings a wonderful mix of experience, visual instincts, and more than a little magic to make the site look not just good but great. Jen is comfortable working with Andy's original art and design or offering her own, turning the process into a truly collaborative one. Our only complaint is that we can't have her working full-time.

Michael Verdi of Milkweed Media Design

What Michael doesn't know about online media (vlogs, audio files, mediawhatever) probably isn't worth asking about. When he's not teaming up with Jen at Milkweed to make our media more accessible and functional, there’s a good chance he's filming another interview in Second Life for

Nathan Eliot of T9 Productions

We honestly don't understand anything about how Nathan does what he does, but the end result is that our servers and code migrations work really, really well. We have no idea what he looks like or what he's up to when we're not bothering him, but we suspect he only uses his technical powers for good.