Runes of Gallidon is a living fantasy world designed for creative collaboration in an online community.

You’re invited to set your stories, art, games, etc. in the world of Gallidon. This fantasy world of adventure is shared under a Creative Commons license so you're free to invent your own characters and places or use ones that already exist. You own what you create, but we all share the world.

Jump onto the forums, help build the wiki, contribute to the story, or simply enjoy a stroll through the galleries. However you choose to explore Gallidon, we hope you have fun!

The Story So Far

Night falls on five millennia of prosperity; dawn awaits those courageous enough to seize power.

It is the 5,108th year of the Age of Gallidon. Seven years have passed since the Destruction claimed the Emperor and the Imperial Isle. The magical forces that protected the Empire are breaking down. The remaining nobility pursue their own agendas, even as unspeakable threats emerge from the shadows. The world enters a new age, its fate unwritten…