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Grey Ones

"They ran quickly on all fours, taking very long loping strides. They had no hair and looked as if their black skin was covered in a coating of slime as light from the lanterns reflected off of them. They also had massive yellow eyes that almost glowed in the dark."--Ambush in the Night

The Grey Ones, or The Eyes of the Voice, as some have called them, are described as follows: Moving swiftly on all fours with long strides, covered in black slimy skin and eyes that glow in the dark. While not much is yet known about them, the following has come to be common knowledge:

--Most importantly and distinct is that they do not always kill their enemies. It seems that the most preferred means of "victory" is to actually transform a human being into a Grey One such as themselves. They do this by shooting a sharp object from their mouths that plunge deep into a human being. While this object may be pulled out, the damage is already done. The toxin/poison within these sharp objects releases into the body of victim quickly taking over the body in the form of a black goo, which is akin to the black substance that makes up the skin of the Grey Ones. The transformation takes very little time.

--They follow the commands of what can be best described as a "hive mind" or a "collective mind". The Collective Mind has been referred to as the Voice, which is what a new victim hears when they are transformed into a Grey One. The Voice seems to be completely irresistible to the point where the Grey Ones have no choice, but to follow the demands of it.

--They have sharp claws and teeth for slashing and biting through enemies when necessary.

It is yet unknown where the Grey One's originated, though there has been discussion about them coming from deep within the Empty Lands.

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