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Imperial Calendar

The Imperial calendar is marked by 12 lunar months, each consisting of 28 days, and 2 Imperial holidays. This adds up to 338 days in an Imperial year. The full moon occurs mid-month.

Founding Day - celebration day to commemorate Gallidon's declaration of Empire. This is also the first day of the new year.

The three months of spring.

The three months of summer.

The three months of fall.

Harvest Day - the day to celebrate the last harvest of the season.

The three months of winter.

Months are referred to as the first month of spring, third month of summer, second month of winter, etc. An Imperial date would read: "the 7th day of the first month of winter in the year 5100 AG."

Individual regions and cities celebrate a myriad of local holidays and festivals, but all honor the two Imperial holidays.

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