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Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard was responsible for the protection of the Emperor, his Empire and its people. The Imperial Guard Commander was in charge of the Guardsmen. He reported only to the Emperor. More than once, a Guardsman entered, uninvited, into a Noble mansion or fortress and arrested a member of the House.

Guardsmen traditionally wore black-washed armor and garb, trimmed with the Emperor's rune wrought in gold.

Though relatively few in number, Imperial Guardsmen were feared and respected, it being generally acknowledged that one Guardsman was the equal of four highly skilled warriors. However, this fear extends beyond the physical threat of harm, as Guardsmen were believed to be able to discern the thoughts and desires found in the hearts of others. Runes of power were engraved upon the flesh of Imperial Guardsmen, granting them mysterious protections. While the runes on Guardsmen were magical, Guardsmen themselves were incapable of casting magic.

Potential Guardsmen were picked by Imperial officials and current Guardsmen at an early age (9 to 14 years old) strictly from among commoners who showed above-average athletic and intellectual abilities. Unlike Imperial Rune-weavers, there was no place to apply to become a Guardsmen. They trained extensively on the Imperial Isle for over a decade before seeing their first assignment in the Empire.

No one of Noble Blood was allowed in the Imperial Guard.

Young Guardsmen were trained at the Imperial Guard Academy. It took nearly ten years of training and service before the guardsmen received the Embrace of the Emperor and became a true Imperial Guardsman.

Since the destruction of the Imperial Isle, the Imperial Guard Academy has not been reestablished to train new Guardsmen and the Imperial Guard does not exist in any official capacity. The standing orders issued by Imperial Guard Commander Telar Muhnrun are for the guardsmen to continue their oath to protect the citizens of Gallidon.

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