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Imperial Isle

Long the seat of power for the Empire of Gallidon, the Imperial Isle served as home to the Imperial Bloodline for over 5,000 years. The [Imperial City] was located on the Imperial Isle, and, until The Destruction, was the symbol of strength, unity, and stability for the Empire.

Prior to the Destruction, each of the seventeen Greater Noble Houses maintained some sort of teaching facility for their specialty on the Imperial Isle. These facilities ranged from a single room to large, formalized academies. In the early years of the Empire, much cross-study of the Arts occurred. As the centuries passed, some Houses became secretive, some fiercely possessive, a few remained open in their dealings with "outsiders." At least one House became totally disinterested, completely ignoring their duty to pass on knowledge to the next generation. By the time of the Destruction, Imperial academies of the arcane were predominately overseen by lower nobles.

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