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Imperial Road

Imperial Roads are runic structures. The roads were constructed by House Kotar and warded against wear and the elements by House Morana. Imperial Rune-weavers etched the appropriate runes into the very stones of the road to imbue the magical powers of all three into a permanent state. The Imperial roads are maintained by this enchantment without need of constant repair.

The process to build the Imperial Roads were as follows:

Step 1) House Kotar cut and arranged the stones, laying the path and physical structure of the road itself using their masonry and architectural skills enhanced by the mystical art of Constructs.

Step 2) House Morana created a Ward to protect the physical structure of the road against the elements/wear/time.

Step 3) Imperial Rune-weavers etched the runes of Constructs, Warding and the Emperor's Rune (Rune-weaving) onto stones of the road and made the magic permanent.

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