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The Maelstrom

“You’re right to fear the Maelstrom. And anyone who wishes to run it. Even at this distance, I can feel it; the vast energy, nature’s fury and resentment. I suspect the storm that lies over the Imperial Isle is its brother. They have the same feel.”

An ever-present, dark, forbidding storm that straddles the eastern straits of the Inner Sea. The Maelstrom is death to ships that attempt passage to the great Sea beyond. It defies all efforts to pierce its secrets with even the most powerful sorcery. The storm pre-dates the Empire, a legacy of the Age of Disorder. Rumor persists that it is even more dangerous to those with the Gift of magic than the common sailor. Now, a similar storm guards the Imperial Isle. The wise wonder if the two phenomenon are related in some way.

Tales of the Maelstrom:
The Maelstrom by Tony Graham

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