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Mogadur is the sprawling city overseen by the scions of House Kotar, masters of the Art of Constructs. The citizens of Mogadur are the master builders, engineers and craftsmen of the Gallidonian Empire. A vast array of fine materials are available along with finished products of Mogadur's superior workmanship that appear in all the great cities of the Empire.

The city rises above its deep-water port, spreading out over the mountainside. A red glow is frequently seen at night from the active volcano south of the city. An Imperial Road climbs east from the city through a high mountain pass to the plains beyond, eventually arriving at the city of Mulcar on the shores of Mistral Bay and the Inner Sea.

The House Kotar forge schools are located within the city of Mogadur. The schools are maintained by House Kotar to provide Kotar nobles an education in the Art of Constructs. The school is of the finest quality schools in Gallidon. Many graduate craftsmen has become famous throughout all of Gallidon.

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