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“Sour with corruption and stale with decay.”

M'teoulin are the degenerate descendants of a once powerful civilization overthrown by Gallidon and his seventeen adepts at the dawn of the Empire.

The m'teoulin were ruled by a conclave of powerful mages chosen from among their aristocracy. The conclave were said to be practitioners of the darkest sorcery. Their civilization enslaved humans as servants, laborers and beasts of burden. At the founding of Gallidon's Empire, the m'teoulin ruled most of the area from the High Hills to the Great Lakes of the North.

According to ancient records, the m'teoulin were not human. Tales and artistic depictions portray them as similar to humans, but thinner, possessing an unearthly beauty and grace, the women more lithe while the men were rangy and surprisingly strong. While they could (and occasionally did) interbreed with humans, the practice was frowned upon by their aristocracy.

At the dawn of the Empire, Gallidon led his forces in a campaign against the m'teoulin at the Great Lakes, driving his foe back into their strongholds in the High Hills. For long years battles were waged in the region. During the reign of Gallidon, the last of the m'teoulin strongholds was thrown down and their remnants driven into the vast caves beneath the White Hills. Working with his seventeen adepts, Gallidon created a permanent ward that bound the m'teoulin sorcerers within the caverns, locking them and their descendants away from the surface world.

Throughout the long years since an outcast m'teoulin might be driven to the surface, a raid made on a small, isolated human settlement to capture the weak, but these events happened so rarely the m'teoulin were largely forgotten. They had become creatures with which to frighten children. Until The Destruction.

Now the m'teoulin are emerging from their caverns in increasing numbers. They are attacking isolated steadings, killing the strong and actively taking captives; dragging this new generation of slaves down into their dark strongholds. But generations spent underground has taken its toll, warping the once proud race.

The m'teoulin today are twisted parodies of what they once were. Still human-seeming at a distance, in the light they are startlingly pale, bestial and coarse featured, with filthy hair, odd bits of ragged clothing and the occasional piece of ancient, decayed armor. The daggers, short swords, and axes they carry are new, forged of bronze and imbued with a foul taint. They have excellent night-vision, but have difficulty seeing in sunlight. They have become masters of stealth.

M'teoulin sorcerers, the descendants of the aristocracy, are said to have retained their dark powers – old magics, the disciplines beyond the understanding of even the most learned sages. Tales speak of these sorcerers being a mixture of male abominations and inhumanly beautiful females inbred with human slaves captured over the long centuries of their banishment.

"M'teoulin" created by Thomas Ryan in Rain in the Spring.
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