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Seizkin are a non-human race of people primarily found in the Sea of Grass.

Physical Traits: They stand a meter (about three feet) in height, regardless of gender. Their bodies are humanoid in structure, but completely covered in short cobalt-colored fur. Females usually have slightly longer black hair on top of their heads, while males have black hair on their heads and along the back of their necks like manes. Their ears are large, about half the size of their head, and shaped similar to fox ears. They have claws on their toes and fingers, but only their finger claws are retractable. Wings--the only part of them not covered in fur--are made of thick, rough-textured webbed-like skin that connects their arms to their bodies, reminiscent of bats. Their eyes vary between yellow, brown, green, and any mixture of these colors. Their faces are similar in structure to humans, except that their noses are flatter and broader.

Diet: Seizkin are largely herbivores, except for beetles and the occasional small snake. Nuts of any kind are favored.

General Information: Seizkin have been conditioned to live with animal instinct, rather than in pursuits of happiness or pleasure like most people. This is due in part to their size, which leaves them in a constant state of caution and awareness, and partly due to the fact that they are a relatively new race, about 1500 years younger than the human race. They don't live in civilizations or tribes, but will sometimes thrive in family groups. It is rare for seizkin to form non-relative friendships that last beyond one year.
Seizkin are born when, after mating, the female deposits a seed on soil to grow into a seiznip plant with a large, purple bloom. The bloom will not open until the seizkin is fully grown 3-12 months later (duration depends on the thriving conditions for the seiznip and the season in which it is planted; warmer climates are best).
Seizkin generally dislike humans, as humans have once too often mistaken them for vermin and abused or killed them to drive them away from their homes. But seizkin will sometimes steal food from humans, and some will take advantage of their shadow invisibility to make mischief for humans.
There are yet no known seizkin who are able to use the power of the runes, as no seizkin has yet taken the trouble to study.

Migration to the Stretch of Shadow: Because of their slight build and the unique iridescence of their fur, they are virtually invisible to the limited vision of human eyes when they are in shade, shadow, or any darkness. When they discovered the Stretch of Shadow, then, many migrated there where they could be safer from predators and they could more easily forage for food (or steal food from humans).

Miscellaneous Information: Seizkin, despite their size, are naturally very strong, able to lift up to three times their own weight. Strength may vary between individual seizkin, dependent mostly on genetic inheritance.
Their fur is coated with a secreted oil that works as self-defense, allowing them to slip away if captured. It was discovered by Lani Ouranos e'Kinbornu that seizkin could be captured by wearing gloves made of three different animal hides: lion, wolf, and bear. She also discovered that they could be seen in the darkness by sniffing the pollen from a seiznip bloom.
Seizkin dislike water and cannot swim, so they avoid water as much as possible. They usually drink water by sucking it from the stems of plants, or finding shallow puddles.

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