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Shape Changing

Transformation of the self into other living forms. General min/max transformations of mass are based on the skill of the caster. Shape changers must have studied an animal before they can change into it (changing into a deep-sea creature would be almost impossible, since studying it would be very, very difficult). Once a caster has successfully changed form, they will inherit the normal/typical skills/ability of that form (better eyesight as a hawk, better smell as a hound). Many adepts of this discipline view animals as being superior to humans.

The longer one stays in another form, the harder it is to remember prior memories. If shape changed for too long, the adept will completely forget their prior self, much less how to change back.

Shape Changing does not include or affect clothing, items, or anything carried on the body. Clothes will fall off or rip during a change, and when changing back to human form, the changer will emerge completely naked and empty-handed.

Changers normally have a few forms they prefer or are good at changing into. Although it is possible to take the form of another human, it is very rare for anyone in this discipline to do so due to the time and effort needed to study the target.

— Mastered by House Lucan, rulers of the High Hills.

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