Become an Artisan

An Artisan is someone whose creation (story, illustration, music, game, etc.) has been published on the Runes of Gallidon website. We invite you to become one.

As you look through Runes of Gallidon, remember that the world of Gallidon is not finished. Vast areas of the world are not yet explored, questions are not answered, myriad possibilities for characters, creatures, magic, stories, cities, fortresses, ruins, etc. are waiting for you to create them. This is deliberate. The site is designed to open doors to the imagination of the creative community, not close them.

How Do I Play?

Submit your creation to the website. You can always check the status of your submission on your Account page. To maintain world continuity, the Stewards (that's us) will review your submission. If it is accepted, we will send you an invitation to enter into the Artisan Agreement. The Agreement is a non-exclusive license, not a transfer of ownership. We don't buy your Work; you still own it.

Every Work in Runes of Gallidon falls under a Creative Commons License.

Work vs Idea

Works are complete projects: images, stories, songs, etc. Your accepted submission is a Work. You own your Work.

Ideas are elements within a Work: a place, a character, creature, sword, etc.

You can share/remix/reuse another Artisan's Ideas as long as you give them attribution (give them credit for the Idea). Other Artisans can share/remix/reuse your Ideas as long as they give attribution to you.

Artisans own their own Works but share their Ideas with the Runes of Gallidon creative community.

What Happens Next?

When you accept the Artisan Agreement, your Work will be posted to the website under a Creative Commons License.

Under the terms of the Artisan Agreement, both you (the Artisan) and Brain Candy, LLC (that's us) can make money from the direct sales/license of the Work. We share 50% of any money we make from the direct sales/licensing of your Work with you (50/50 split of gross revenue). We ask that you share 10% of any money you make from direct sales/licensing of your Work set in Runes of Gallidon with us.

I Need More Details

For a more detailed summary of how ownership, licensing, and revenue are handled for Works published on this website, please check out the Artisan Quick Reference.

You can also view the Welcome to Gallidon video series.

Explain Creative Commons To Me In Videos

Creative Commons has a series of videos about their licenses; in particular, we like the “Get Creative” and “CC+: Creative Commons and Commerce” videos.

I'm Ready to Get Started

Check out the Submissions Guidelines and submit your creation.