About Brain Candy, LLC & Runes of Gallidon

Originally created and managed by Brain Candy, LLC, Runes of Gallidon is a collaborative fantasy world where the creative community at large is invited to play. Anyone is welcome to enjoy the world of Gallidon and, if they desire, contribute to the growing body of official works.

Runes of Gallidon launched in an "invitation-only" status in July of 2008, with a public beta launch later that same year. The site emerged from beta status in July of 2009, but the concept for Runes of Gallidon first surfaced in early 2007 with the innocent question, "wouldn't it be cool if there was a site that...?"

Runes of Gallidon was inspired by many things, but a few examples warrant specific mention:

  • The Thieves’ World® fantasy series (for collaborative fantasy fiction)
  • Baen Books® (for proving that free digital content doesn’t mean you can’t make money as an artist)
  • Creative Commons (for giving creators more options in how they distribute their works and manage the rights over those works)

Balancing the benefits of collaboration with the (often) lonely creative process is not an easy task. As you explore Gallidon, you may encounter a World Steward via email, on the forum boards, or in the Wiki. They are the keepers of peace and charged with cultivating a friendly, creative space for all to enjoy. If you do come across one, please be kind!

In 2012, Brain Candy, LLC stopped accepting submissions to Runes of Gallidon, though it maintained the website.

In 2014, Brain Candy, LLC was wrapped up and Runes of Gallidon, and all other assets of Brain Candy, LLC, were transferred to Scott Walker.

The Gallidon Rider on Horseback