The World Stewards are taking a bit of a break, and we're going to be mostly offline 10/17 - 10/25. Chances are we'll hold off on responding to emails while we observe a bit of a vacation.

This year, we're headed for the town of Four Pillars to observe the annual festival of "Falling Leaves." Four Pillars is at the part of Fall River where it splits into smaller tributaries (if you happen to see us there, be sure to say hi!).

See you back online in a bit...

- World Stewards
Runes of Gallidon

Although Runes of Gallidon was only at Wyrd Cond 2011 for a brief time, we had a great time (especially running our "Spirits of Kita-mura" LARP - but more on that later!).

With so many workshops, panels, film showings, games, and presentations, it was impossible to see all of the convention. But for those who couldn't make it, here's a taste of what you missed and perhaps a reason to sign up for Wyrd Con 2012!

As registrations for the Runes of Gallidon LARP at Wyrd Con roll in, here's a list of the characters featured in the LARP with a summary of background information (some characters have already appeared in the short story, "Spirits of Kita-mura").

If you feel like jumping into the world of Gallidon to help bring this story to a close, be sure to register at Wyrd Con and sign up for the Runes of Gallidon LARP!

Sora - CAST!
[SOAR-ah] (F) age 16
Daughter of Oku (village head) and Nariko (died mysteriously 3 months ago)
Sister of Aneko
Since her mother’s death, Sora has been hounded by odd disturbances and unexplained phenomenon. When she’s around, objects move on their own or disappear…only to reappear later in some other place. Villagers experience chills and feelings of sadness or fear when they are close to Sora. Most openly fear that a curse has visited Kita-mura and secretly point to Sora as its source. Sora only knows that her idyllic life is no more, and when she most needs understanding and support, those closest to her have turned their backs on her. But a recent ritual conducted by the village spirit masters might be the ray of hope Sora has been looking for.

Oku - CAST!
[O-koo] (M) age 37
Husband of Nariko

Gallidon is very excited about "Spirits of Kita-mura," the upcoming LARP it will be running at Wyrd Con 2!

Unlike many LARPs, this one has already started with "Spirits of Kita-mura," short story that introduces many of the main characters and the small village of Kita-mura.

If you're interested in stepping into the world of Gallidon - literally! - be sure to register for Wyrd Con 2 so you can watch the story unfold or even sign up to play one of the "Spirits of Kita-mura" characters!

With a debut Work based on Luka e'Lagun from Maia Jacomus' "The Great Drift," badgervince is the latest community member to earn the title, "Artisan of Gallidon."

Luka e'Lagun

And more of badgervince's art will be published soon, as the final chapter in The Great Drift is about to be published...!

A new Artisan joined the ranks today: Beestie.

His debut Work, "You Can Never Go Home," introduces Tatianna D'Chai and her servant, Timoteo Qatsar, both from the Sea of Grass but - for some reason - find themselves wandering through the icy terrain of the North Realm.

What brought them so far from home and why can't Tati go back? Read on to find out...

The Artisan Attribution page has been updated. If the Artisan has a user avatar, it will be shown in the listing. If the Artisan allows others to contact them directly, a link to their contact page will be listed.

We hope this makes it easier to find and connect with Gallidon Artisans!

- Stewards of Gallidon

The Stewards are taking a break this week to reflect on the past year and spend a little time with kith and kin at home and around the hearth.

Chances are good that at least one rendition of "Twas the Night Before Gallidon" will be told before morn.

Best wishes for the holidays!

First, it was exactly two years ago that Runes of Gallidon opened its doors online with the first offerings of official works. We've really enjoyed sharing our own ideas about Gallidon's story, but the contributions from our creative community have been the highlight. It's been a wonderful journey so far - thank you for your support!

Second, the Stewards want to wish everyone a Thanksgiving weekend of fun, family, friends, and feasts! We'll be taking a bit of a break this week, so no new content will be published (the 'Morgan' comic will resume publication on December 3rd).

In the mean time, you may want to listen to the 'Welcome to Gallidon' podcast below for a reminder of how this whole thing got started...

Stewards of Gallidon

As part of our on-going series of updates to the runesofgallidon website, we just rolled out a new feature that makes it easier than ever to find all of the Works by your favorite Gallidon Artisans.

When visiting an Artisan's account page, all of their published Works are now shown in a section called, "Published Works" (in the same format as the main Works Gallery). The Published Works section is below their personal information.

More updates on the way as Na'naat allows...

Stewards of Gallidon

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