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Kinbornu is a massive bazaar in the shadow of a mighty fortress that towers above the city atop the highest of three hills, home to the Greater Noble House Kaday, Lords of the Sea of Grass. Though the number of steady residents is small, the city is large, always overflowing with travelers. It is said anything and everything can be found in the markets of Kinbornu. It is particularly famed for its stables and the carefully tended bloodlines of its horses. A mounted militia, loyal to House Kaday, maintains order in the city. Perpetrators of serious crimes are almost always found; the city residents will not shelter criminals, and there is no escape in the surrounding Sea of Grass.

Kinbornu is connected to the cities of Halan and Tar Mira via the Imperial Road.

There is not an academy for House Kaday and the Art of Spirit Mastery in the Sea of Grass.

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