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Mulcar was a major center of trade for the Sea of Grass, Mogadur, the ports of the Inner Sea. It is the foremost seaport in Mistral Bay and one of the largest along the southern coast of the Inner Sea. The city of Mulcar had been ruled by the Lower Noble House Suldana, acknowledged offspring of House Vanth, for centuries. Within a year of the Destruction, all outside communication with the city was lost. Who actually rules in Mulcar now is a matter of much speculation. What is becoming well known is the threat the city poses to its neighbors. Raiders from Mulcar loot villages and towns in the region that refuse to acknowledge their authority; taking the young and the hale as loot, killing the old and sick. Slavery has been embraced by the city as Mulcar's ships seize goods, crew and passengers from ships they pirate on the Inner Sea. More than any other part of the fragmenting Empire, Mulcar has abandoned the Orders, the traditions and the social stability laid down by Gallidon and his Nobles.

Mulcar is connected to the cities of Halan and Mogadur via the Imperial Road.

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