Timeline of Runes of Gallidon

BG – Before Gallidon

“After Na’naat, the spirits and mortals did not share the skies and the seas and the land. The spirits became discontent, and the mortals became fearful. The world was no longer beautiful.”

The Age of Disorder, an age of legends. Little remains other than myth and ancient ruins in the wilderness.

AG – Age of Gallidon

"Na’naat called her sisters and brothers together. They wept, and their tears formed a new sea in the middle of the land. They bent their will, and they created an island in the vast sea, and on that island, they built a city, and in that city, they placed the Nobility, and within that Nobility, they named an Emperor to rule over the world.”

This age begins when Gallidon the First founds the Empire.

  • Year 167 AG – Gallidon takes the first-born daughter of Kaday as Consort.
  • Year 169 AG – The first Childe of the Isle, heir to the Empire, is born.
  • Year 261 AG – Gallidon the First dies.
  • Year 261 AG – Gallidon the Second takes the throne.
  • Year 4849 AG – Gallidon the Thirteenth is born.
  • Year 5001 AG – Gallidon the Thirteenth takes the throne.
  • Year 5004 AG – Gallidon the Twelfth lays down his life.
  • Year 5089 AG – Gallidon the Thirteenth takes a daughter of House Kreal as Consort.
  • Year 5093 AG – The Thirteenth Childe of the Isle, heir to the Empire, is born.
  • Year 5097 AG – The Emerald Port is swept by a deadly plague. Survivors flee the city.
  • Year 5099 AG – The Emerald Port becomes commonly known as Dead Port.
  • Year 5099 AG – The Shadow War begins on the Imperial Isle.
  • Year 5101 AG – The Destruction. All contact with the Emperor and the Imperial Isle is lost.
  • Year 5105 AG – Lord Ishi declares himself “King of the Illuminated Peaks.”
  • Year 5106 AG – The Kingdoms of North Realm, High Hills, Sea of Grass, and Isles are declared.
  • Year 5107 AG – Former Imperial Administrators and Officials declared Lady Vanth “Queen of the Middle Kingdom.”
  • Year 5108 AG – The Present.