Comic-Con 2009 Awesomeness: Pictures

Cosplay. Sneak Previews. Armed duels. Over 125,000 fantasy and science fiction fans under one roof. We got to meet a lot of great people, see some very cool art, and do a little bit of shopping. Kali Chung reprised her role as "Ruena Kreal" and hit the floor Friday and Saturday.

What follows are some initial evidence pictures from the convention.

Andy, Kali, and Tony prepare to walk over to the convention after surviving the CA freeways.

Signs that we're at the right place.


Mike Lee shoots some video of Ruena in the convention hall.

Martin Hsu - King of modern Chinese mythology illustration.

Ruena and a very familiar looking Artisan...

Ruena meets the Knights of Terre Neuve.

And after a little shopping, Scott brought home an enhanced security detail for his office.