Welcome to Runes of Gallidon

After an arduous journey of conversation, to formulation, determination and borderline insanity, Runes of Gallidon is finally live.

This site is dedicated to the idea that a vast amount of talent capable of producing quality entertainment is out there looking for a showcase. We also believe that collaboration between a creative community on a large scale project is not only possible, but ''inevitable'' in the digital age of the twenty-first century. A key element is putting the power back in the hands of the artistic community – everyone shares the world of Gallidon (the people, places, things), but each individual artist retains full ownership of the Work they create.

Simply put, Runes of Gallidon is an open source fantasy world. We've created the basics. We're hoping you will want to explore, experience, and build on the foundation we've laid down. We will be keeping a hand on the rudder, working to maintain standards of quality and continuity, but the world will thrive or wither by your input.

The world of Runes of Gallidon is in your hands...

Tony, Andy & Scott

- Stewards of Gallidon