News from the Shores of Gallidon

First, congratulations to the newest Runes of Gallidon Artisans and thanks for submitting your creations! Every new Work expands the world of Gallidon.

Second, please be sure to check out our first Runes of Gallidon podcast, a casual message of greetings, salutations, and "what in the world did you guys do?" from the Stewards of Gallidon (Andy, Tony, and Scott).

Third, the scope of Gallidon media types continues to grow, and we want to share some news about two upcoming Works in the mix.

The first project is a derivative Work based on a published Runes of Gallidon Work. Kytun Iye: False Tribute will soon be ported to a podcast for your listening pleasure.

The second project is an RPG module set in Runes of Gallidon (the Middle Kingdom, to be exact). Without spoiling too much, we can say that the continued decline of the Empire and some very unusual weather patterns in the Imperial Sea are forcing more road-based traffic along the northern Middle Kingdom coastline. This module starts with the characters reporting to the Gull Port Administrator to "perform a simple courier job." Riiiiiiight.

This debut Runes of Gallidon RPG module is being planned as a four-part offering, with each offering/Work designed to be run in a single session. The first part is being play-tested this week with some friends (please send a plea to Na'naat for lots of good die rolls!).

Humbly submitted,

Scott Walker
Steward of Gallidon