Character List for the Wryd Con LARP, "Sprits of Kita-mura"

As registrations for the Runes of Gallidon LARP at Wyrd Con roll in, here's a list of the characters featured in the LARP with a summary of background information (some characters have already appeared in the short story, "Spirits of Kita-mura").

If you feel like jumping into the world of Gallidon to help bring this story to a close, be sure to register at Wyrd Con and sign up for the Runes of Gallidon LARP!

Sora - CAST!
[SOAR-ah] (F) age 16
Daughter of Oku (village head) and Nariko (died mysteriously 3 months ago)
Sister of Aneko
Since her mother’s death, Sora has been hounded by odd disturbances and unexplained phenomenon. When she’s around, objects move on their own or disappear…only to reappear later in some other place. Villagers experience chills and feelings of sadness or fear when they are close to Sora. Most openly fear that a curse has visited Kita-mura and secretly point to Sora as its source. Sora only knows that her idyllic life is no more, and when she most needs understanding and support, those closest to her have turned their backs on her. But a recent ritual conducted by the village spirit masters might be the ray of hope Sora has been looking for.

Oku - CAST!
[O-koo] (M) age 37
Husband of Nariko
Father of Sora and Aneko
As the village head of Kita-mura for many years, Oku was seen as a thoughtful and caring leader who never abused his power and sought only the best for Kita-mura, for his family, and for himself (in that order). He and Nariko were held up as living paragons who exhibited the best virtues of the Illuminated Peaks. The recent death of Nariko and the disturbances that have followed destroyed all of that. Oku now finds solace in little except the bottom of a sake cup, and Sora – in many ways a younger version of Nariko - is a constant reminder of the love he lost.

Nariko - CAST!
[NAW-reek-koh] (F)
Died at age 34 (3 months ago)
Wife of Oku
Mother of Aneko and Sora
Nariko’s death was mourned by the entire village. She was viewed as a blessing straight from Na’naat, and her absence is making it clear just how instrumental she was in maintaining Kita-mura’s harmony and prosperity. Nariko’s closer friends and family noted a touch of sadness and uncharacteristic withdrawal before her sudden illness and death, but none can say if there was a connection.

Lisha - CAST!
[LEE-shaw] (F) age 56
Wife of Tafari
Originally from the Sea of Grass, Lishsa and her husband, Tafari, provide a welcome service to the village, even though outsiders are generally discouraged from taking up residence in the Peaks. Lisha has been unable to stop the recent disturbances, but she recently gleaned some equally disturbing information from a local spirit about the true cause behind the recent plagues on Kita-mura.

[tah-FAR-ee] (M) age 58
Husband of Lisha
Originally from the Sea of Grass, Tafari and his wife, Lisha, provide a welcome service to the village, even though outsiders are generally discouraged from taking up residence in the Peaks. Tafari has viewed Sora as the daughter he and Lisha never had, and he and Lisha have been working tirelessly to cure the village of the disturbances and provide some relief to Sora. A recent ritual he conducted with Lisha and Sora revealed information that implied Sora’s innocence, but Tafari knows all too well that spirits can be ambiguous at best and outright deceptive at worst.

Aneko - CAST!
[AH-knee-koh] (F) age 18
Daughter of Oku and Nariko
Sister of Sora
Aneko has had her world upended, and she has laid much of the blame on her sister, Sora. Aneko has come to believe that Sora did something which brought death to their mother and a shadow over their family and Kita-mura. She loves Sora, but her love pales in comparison to her fear.

Ichiro - CAST!
[EE-chee-roh] (M) age 35
A farmer who was close to Nariko as a child. He mourns her death and fears for Sora’s future. Ichiro has been publicly acting as a counterpoint to the growing hysteria in the village, attempting to provide a reasoned response to the disturbances and continue to place his trust in Lisha and Tafari to assuage the spirits plaguing the village.

[AH-kee-oh] (M) age 17
A young man in love with Sora, Akio does not believe she’s cursed, but he’s at a loss to explain the disturbances that seem to follow her. His parents have forbidden him to be around Sora, which has only stirred the embers of young love in his heart.

Riku - CAST!
[REE-koo] (M) age 30
Father of Hana
A farmer of relatively low social status, Riku has rallied support from many families as he increasingly questions Oku’s ability to safely lead the village through this crisis. He has also been critical of Tafari and Lisha, and has used their status as outsiders as ammunition for their removal. Riku has called for a village meeting to decide if Oku should be ousted.

[HA-nah] (F) age 16
Daughter of Riku
Hana’s loyalties are torn between her father (who insists Oku and Sora have become threats to Kita-mura’s well-being) and her closest friend, Sora, who Hana continues to maintain is innocent of any wrong-doing.

Shinju - CAST!
[SHIN-joo] (F) age 16
A friend of Sora’s who has begun to suspect that the rumors of Sora’s involvement in the recent disturbances may have more truth than she originally thought. She has experienced things that she feels confirms Sora’s guilt in the disturbances and perhaps even Nariko’s death.

[HEE-nah-tah] (F) age 17
Friend of Aneko’s
Hinata strongly believes that Sora is responsible for the shadow over Kita-mura, and she takes every opportunity to convince the rest of the village that it’s true. That Hinata finds herself attracted to Akio has little influence over her views. Well, perhaps more than a little…

[KAH-nawn] (F) age 54
A respected elder in the village, Kanon is mourning the loss of her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, who died two weeks ago (all three found at the foot of a cliff whose edge was well know to the villagers and was marked as a warning against the danger). Kanon has heard much gossip that has Sora somehow being responsible for the deaths, but Kanon believes otherwise.

[GO-row] (M) age 8
A young boy who recently had an encounter with something he thinks is a spirit. Whatever it was, it had a message for Goro, one he is supposed to deliver to Oku.