What's Going On?

Runes of Gallidon is a shared fantasy world. It was not created by one person and it will not grow by the efforts of one person. It is a vehicle for collaboration. It is a showcase for artists in all mediums. It is a steady stream of entertainment for people who love a fantasy world of magic, swords, mystery and adventure.

You are encouraged to create your own story, illustration, music, game, etc. set in the world of Runes of Gallidon.

Every Work in Runes of Gallidon falls under a Creative Commons License.


Works are complete projects: images, stories, etc. Your accepted submission is a Work. You own your Work. Ideas are elements within a Work: a place, a character, creature, sword, etc.

The Runes of Gallidon creative community shares Ideas.

You can share/remix/reuse other Artisan's Ideas as long as you give attribution to them – give them credit for the Idea. Other Artisans can share/remix/reuse your Ideas as long as they give attribution to you.

Artisans own their own Works but share their Ideas with the Runes of Gallidon creative community.

How Do I Play?

Submit your creation to the website. You can always check the status of your submission on your Account page. To maintain world continuity, the Stewards (that's us) will review your submission. If it is accepted, we will send you an invitation to enter into the Artisan's Agreement. The Agreement is a license, not a transfer of ownership. We don't buy your work, you still own it.

What Happens Next?

When you accept the Artisan's Agreement, your Work will be posted to the website.

Under the terms of the Artisan's Agreement, both you (the Artisan) and Brain Candy, LLC (that's us) can make money from the direct sales/license of the Work. We share any money we make from the direct sales/licensing of your Work 50/50. We ask that you share 10% of any money you make from direct sales/licensing of your Work set in Runes of Gallidon with us.

For a more complete description of what's going on, go here.