Collaboration and Voice chat

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I remember that tony, I believe it was, wished that Google wave was available so we could all talk together. There is teamspeak with public servers out there and also Ventrillo as well. Also I think that MSN IM also has the ablity to do multiple people in one chat? If we all need to get together to discuss something we could do it that way. Instead of doing post tag. YOUR IT!!

For voice I would suggest someone to be secretary and write down what is talked about and post it. As for chats, have someone post the saved chat so others can look at and and we could review it.

This sound like a good idea to anyone?

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Msn as a contact.

I like the idea of having MSN as a way to contact each other. I don't have internet at home to much at the moment, but I am willing to put up my e-mail, which is another way to contact each other(besides on the forums). is for both. Hope to hear from someone!

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Skype is a great way to chat

Skype is a great way to chat with one another vocally, and even with a cam if one were so inclined. You can have several people in one conversation as well, and it is completely free to download and use between computers.
I highly recommend Skype it's a great program, with fewer problems than MSN chat (In my experience). Google wave as I understand it is limited to those who have Google chrome, and teamspeak and ventrillo (I believe) have to be paid for, at least in my experience teamspeak did, and I've never had the opportunity to use Ventrillo.

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You do have to pay for vent. It's something like $11.00 a month or something like that. Not completely worth it unless you have a lot of peopl in at all of the time.

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I am very much inclined towards the idea of using Skype to collaborate in story making. It seems that, from the posted works I have read, Gallidon has been almost entirely comprised of single-author works. Certainly there are instances where one author plays off of the story of another, or 'borrows' another author's characters, but for a large part the stories are each stand-alone in our common world.

This method is great, and part of the allure of Gallidon, but it also prevents us from taking the big steps that would alter large swaths of the landscape: wars and alliances, natural disasters and the like. By having active collaboration between members, we would be able to reach more-or-less of a consensus regarding world changing events, without giving all of the authority to a single author.

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I can see that, but there are time when people get together and just make some short stories,a nd I think those would be valuable to the world as well, just as any other work that gets created.

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It might be a bit dated, and

It might be a bit dated, and perhaps if you're running a machine without an up-to-date firewall somewhat precarious, but there's always the possibility of setting up an IRC chatroom. I'm not exactly sure how one would code a java or CGI applet in order for people to enter the chat via the website, but I know it can be done. I would much prefer shiny-shiny Skype/Vent/Google to it, but IRC is free and easy to use, hence my suggestion. ; )

Since it has been mentioned, and I'm not one to shy away from any chance at a collaboration, I do have and constantly use MSN IM. If you email me (* your MSN contact I'll add you to my friends list.

  • : Curiously, my MSN contact is not my posted email address, so don't add the gmail account to your buddy lists. ; )
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I really like the

I really like the open-endedness of the world you guys have created here - there is just enough established story to make writing here appealing. Just expect me to work the Workshop forum into the ground. :D

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Re: Workshop Forum

First off, welcome to Gallidon - glad you like it!

Second, knock yourself out on the Workshop Forum; that's what it's there for. Will do my best to keep up with your questions/comments. : )

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