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I've posted some crits on a couple of stories, and got no replies.... It's possibly just because those writers aren't around often, but I'm a little worried that isn't common practice.

Personally I *Want* crits, so I can improve my writing. Is there a commonly accepted "rule" on that here?

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Re: Critiqueing?

Another great question!

There are no rules about whether feedback/critique on Works is expected. The Stewards don't have an explicit rule about it (though I personally like to get feedback on my own Works), and there hasn't been an implicit rule developed out of community behavior.

Comments on Works don't need to be positive, but if they are not, the expectation is that they will be constructive (i.e., provide helpful suggestions) and objective (no personal attacks on the Artisan).

And, of course, you can always contact the Artisan directly with feedback if they allow emails to be sent to them (check their bio pages to be sure).

If you explicitly want feedback/critique, please include that note when you submit your creation. If your submission is accepted, I will add a line of text at the bottom of the Work that states the Artisan wants feedback (and perhaps I can add that bit of functionality to our list of future features).

Keep the comments coming!

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