Gallidon currency

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sorry if i mised this count find it anywhere, but what you use for money. the name of it. Gold, Gold coins, gil, ( lol nah SE wouldn't like that one) gems, ect. just wondering

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Imperial Currency

The standard system of money for the Empire can be found here under Mythos - The Empire, at the top of the left hand navigation bar. It is also in the Artisan's Handbook.

A Gold coin is referred to as an "Imperial" in common terminology.
A Silver coin is referred to as a "Noble" in common terminology.
A Copper coin is referred to as a "Penny" in common terminology.
Copper coins are often physically cut by merchants & commoners into quarter-pieces, referred to as "bits" in common terminology.

4 bits = a penny
100 pennies = a noble
100 nobles = an imperial

An imperial is two inches in diameter. Nobles and pennies are one inch in diameter.