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Okay, I have been reading about the infighting between the Nobles that culminated with the Age of Destruction we now know. Are there any stories that talk about the time period that brought about the Destruction? Could we fill in that silence? I know we do not know what came of the Heir or Consort, though it does seem that The Maelstrom (by Tony) seems to open the possibility that the Heir is wandering about somewhere in Gallidon. Any thoughts?

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The Destruction

As Stewards, we would prefer stories to focus on the present world - Year 5108 AG. Filling in the spaces pre-Destruction could easily impact the projects of a variety of Artisans. It could also inadvertently create continuity conflicts in the world.

The novella Flight recounts a small part of the Destruction. We would prefer most stories work forward from that point in time.

All that said, as with most things in Runes of Gallidon, we are not going to absolutely say no to any such submission. If a submission is too good to ignore, we'll figure out a way to work it into the world - even if it is as Alternate History.

Tony Graham
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