Lower Noble Houses

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So, I know that there are the seventeen Greater Noble Houses, each with their own surnames and all, but what about the Lower Houses? Are there any established Houses - and names - to go into the various cities?

Given the origin of the Lower Houses, it would be plausible for some of them to have the same names as some of the Greater Houses, or at least bastardizations thereof. However, some of them would, invariably, not. So, I guess what I'm asking is, has anyone created any Lower Houses? I am currently working on a storyline with a Lower House character, and as such will soon add one House to the list, but, since I don't remember reading about any of the Lower Houses in the gallery, I was curious if there were any others.

I guess my reasoning is that, given the role the Lower Houses are intended to play in post-Destruction Gallidon, we should know who at least some of the more prominent ones are.

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So, I now stand corrected. I

So, I now stand corrected. I did a little more looking, and have found these two Lower Noble Houses:

House Teodur, of Tar Mira [Tony Graham]
House Dangrol, of Emerald Port [Scott Walker]

I would like to add to this list the one I created, as mentioned in the first post:

House Rhys, of Gull Port

Please, post away. I'd love to give the Lower Houses a wiki page, with at least a little background info on each.