Monster Creation

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I've read neeeearly everything, twice (except the Artisans Handbook, of which I'm crawling through the first time trying to absorb all of the previously created goodies) and it seems like Gallidon needs monsters. Crazy, scary, ugly, slimy monsters. Everywhere. --That's just my own opinion of course. I like to see a diversity of things killing off my characters. *ahem*

Does anyone else feel the same way?
I saw a thread about creating races (Darklings do sound quite interesting!) but I'm thinking about everything from the club-wielding Oh-my-Na'naat-that-thing-is-ugly troglodyte to epic scary ...things (Maybe a fire breathing reptile? ...No? : P).

I'm just curious. I have an image I'm working on now of something which could work well in the Empty Lands... maybe? I just want to provide a baddy where baddies are needed. ;D

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Lions, tigers and... troglodytes?

Hi Valesse,
We love monsters!

What we don't want is a monster manual created in a vacuum (game companies do a great job with monster lists so we don't have to). Each critter must be introduced in a Work - a story, comic, an illustration, an entry in the journal of a traveling naturalist, etc. - to illustrate how & where it fits into the world of RoG.

The Work must give the audience a first glimpse (or a long, horrifying one) of the monster to introduce it. Additional details about the creatures can be included in a RoG Wiki entry if the creator has stuff left over from the Work (often happens that way).

Be sure to read over the Submission Guidelines and get busy in the Empty Lands, Valesse!

Tony Graham
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Oh my?

That's what I figured, but yay!

If I decide to be fudge-y on the background I'll probably upload it today (me and backgrounds take forever.)

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Baddies are needed

Baddies are needed everywhere.

But the empty lands, there the only empty things are the gullets of monsters and horrors which crave the flesh of men. With the ending of a thin-blooded god sleepers are freed from their aeons long dreams to become waking nightmares, shackles come loose, those below our feet rise, and bindings between worlds are weaker than the paper walls of a Kamitokai pagoda.

What else stirs to life in the empty lands, old stones with runes seven years broken and passages that speak forgotten riddles. Now the world awakens to the fact that it has had no direction, that it stood still and stagnent, mankind may well be lost. But those whom look leave no stone unturned and those whom dare walk can have a mistep and stumble upon answers.

Perhaps banes of the banes of Gallidon wait to found too.

Waiting to see what you're forging Valesse.

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Ohh, nice! In the, you know,

Ohh, nice! In the, you know, "I really don't want to go anywhere NEAR there" way!

I decided (It's in review currently) to make a race of minor boogies, but thoughtlessly gave it more of a Wasteland's back ground instead of Empty lands... which really isn't very similar at all. I won't be surprised if it's rejected for that, but fortunately I still have the 'wip' files and can correct the image. Huzzah!

They're ugly little things. You'll love them! ...Or at least DMs building games in the Gallidon universe should with a "the more the merrier" mob style of villainy.

Maybe I'll make something majestic next... or some character art? Something pretty with less hair on it's back.

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Well, the more, the merrier.

Well, the more, the merrier. My (ussualy) loyal PCs would enjoy going toe to toe (er... tentacle, flipper, claw, vaguely limb shaped appendage) with your creatures. Havn't used Gallidon as a world before.

The Stewards are pretty good with their rejections/ submissions and generally get back to you in a couple days. They ussualy leave some quality constructive criticism and let you know why it was rejected (so one can fix it). (...reminding me that I really need to get off my feet to edit/ correct my rejections).

Roll with the Character art.

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Hah! Nice. I'm glad I'm a

Hah! Nice.

I'm glad I'm a loud mouth and ask questions. It gets me talking.
As I suspected it was rejected, but before doing so a certain someone let me change the background. Y'all are awesome. : P

Character art would be fun! Ruena looks like she's getting all the art-love so even though she rocks and all, I think I ought to spread it out! ; )

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Rufus Findels Guide to Dangerous Creatures that can Kill You

Hey, I'm relatively new Gallidon, but I had noticed that there aren't too many monsters, only about 4 listed in the wiki. Therefore I'm going to work on an encyclopedia of sorts written from the perspective of this character I'm making up named Rufus Findels. Basically he's a scientist who travels throughout all the kingdoms looking for the most dangerous creatures alive. I'm hoping to make a volume for each kingdom, each of which would list about 4 monsters and give descriptions of them. What do you think?

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I would love to help you...e-mail address is I am creating a character by the name of H'Drin (his story should be up pretty soon). He is traveling back to the High Hills from The Rock, and I am pretty sure he will meet some nasties along the way...would you like to create some little nasties for me? We could do a co-write if you like.

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Sounds like Rufus could work

Sounds like Rufus could work for the Tar Mira Expeditionary Guild. The Tar Mira Library hires the guild to track down stuff for their library of sorts. That might give you a backstory and setup, since they're always paying money for information like that. (more details about TMEG in the RoG D&D PDF download)

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Thoughts about monsters...To Tony:

As H'Drin makes his way past the Fall River and into the lands between the Rock and the High Hills, I was thinking he should some particularly nasty creatures that have gained footholds there in the time since the Destruction, but here is my question:

Are there Dragons in Gallidon? I probably will not do a Dragon, just because they are such a fantasy cliche, but I was thinking other mythological creatures, less common, but just as nasty. And, Valesse, I would love to collaborate and have you make some monsters for H'Drin's travels. I plan on doing a lot with this particular character. :o)

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Dragons in Gallidon?

Dragons and many other mythological creatures are legends in the world of Gallidon. After five thousand years of divine-ruled Empire, they are seldom anything but legend. But most every legend contains a grain of truth...

For introducing creatures as powerful as dragons, the submission should be a very good Work with a lot of thought and care in it that makes the dragons somehow unique to the world of Gallidon. Those beasties could impact a large area. Which could, in turn, impact a lot of other Artisan's stories. So the Work would have to justify those kind of creative shock waves.

We encourage the community to introduce a new creature in a Work - a story, comic, game, etc. - that illustrates a basic idea of how & where it fits into the world of RoG. Additional details about the creatures can be included in a RoG Wiki entry if the creator has stuff left over from the Work (often happens that way).

Don't hesitate to make use of the Workshop forum to inquire about collaborating with someone - art, writing, maps, whatever. That's what it's for.

Be sure to review the Submission Guidelines and then cue the evil, macabre laughter as you set to work!

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More Baddies for Gallidon

Over the next couple of weeks. (Hopefully less) I will try be to be introducing some new baddies into Gallidon to give heroes and the like more challenges. They are....

Soul Carvers

Lava/Ruby spiders

Life or Python Vines

Spine wolves.

Fire or Meat Rats

I know these don't sound all that fearsome but wait till I introduce them to you. I will be doing so in flash fiction stories so other authors can jump in and start using them

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Sounds delightful can't wait

Sounds delightful can't wait to see them all!