names of major rivers

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I was wondering if the rivers in the sea of grass were already named i tried to search it but but have not produced any results for names. As part of my tail for my first submission i would like to mention those rivers but need to know whom to credit.

I have a few names in mind but will use names already given of course. Also i am open to suggestions for names or for those whom have already entered names of those rivers into stories but have yet to submit.

Any and all advice given would be appreciated

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Naming Rivers

Hi Mavenas,
You can find the already mapped and named rivers in Gallidon on the download map. These are the huge rivers of the world - think Mississippi, Amazon, Nile. They are part of the foundation of the world. As such, use of these named rivers in new Works requires no attribution.

Take a moment to review the scale of the map. The map is large so that Artisans can add a river if needed for their story. You can also name a river in your story that currently has no name (like the many rivers that join to form the Emerald River south of the Sea of Grass).

The area in the southern continent where the Cold River branches into three parts and empties into the sea has been named Stretch of Shadows in the serialized novella The Great Drift by Maia Jacomus. It will be labeled in the next update to the map. Because that area was created in an Artisan's Work, it would require attribution.

Hope this helps,
Tony Graham
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