Photography & Modeling - "Real-Life" RoG?

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Hey folks!

So I've just started my wonderful adventures in the lands of Gallidon, and I wanted to just reach out there about photography and photomanipulation as a medium, as most of the works I've seen are drawings and paintings, with poetry and prose mixed in.

Mainly, I'm looking to find people who are interested in fun dress-up play times. I personally enjoy portraying characters (my first few works are going to center on a character I've made -- a golem, whose name and my screenname are one and the same), and I was wondering what the rest of the community thinks/is up to. I'm going to be employing friends of mine who are photographers, seamstresses, actors & actresses to try to bring the RoG into real life, as it were.

Ideas? Volunteers? Comments and critiques?

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Hi Cephas,

We love this idea. We've been hoping someone would jump into cosplay & character creations in photos and video. We also want to put together an audio-play, but time has been a harsh mistress.

We're looking forward to see what visual treats emerge!

Tony Graham
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I'm interested!

Hi Cephas!

Yay! I love your idea & would like to be part of it. Please visit my YouTube site to see my demo reel. I'm a performer as well & cosplay is a great interest to me.

Can't wait to see your stuff!