A RoG Calendar

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Here is a copy of Shurijo's earlier post concerning a Calendar. I have placed it at the start of a new thread for easier access to the discussion.

13 months of 28 days plus one would only apply if the world took the same amount of days to circle the sun as earth (365 days). Based on the distance from the, size of planet, size of sun, etc. you could probably tweak the number of days to an even number like 360. Or just 'magically' have the lunar and solar calendar be in sync in this world...

I think that I'd propose something like

Season: Spring
Month 1: starts with spring equinox
Month 2:
Month 3:
Season: Summer
Month 1: starts with summer solstice
Month 2:
Month 3:
Season: Autumn
Month 1: starts with autumn equinox
Month 2:
Month 3:
Season: Winter
Month 1: starts with winter solstice
Month 2:
Month 3:

In this culture, we can start with solstices and equinoxes rather than have them fall in the middle, like on earth, just because it's easier to mark season changes this way.

The days of the months can be 28 days and start with a new moon.

I like the idea of Gallidon's Day. I also think it would be a good story to have Gallidon's Day represent the culturally known day of when Emperor Gallidon (the first) took the throne and also just happen to be the day when the Imperial Isle was destroyed. That would throw in some good lore/mystery for writers and prophesies, etc.

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Months, Lunar & Solar

Myself, I prefer 12 months of 28 days each plus an "Emperor's Day" for a grand total of 337 days in a year.

I think this lunar based calendar should (magically, mysteriously, cosmically) match up with the solar year.

I'm pretty happy with the rest of the proposed calendar.

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Creation as inspiration?

If I look at the Creation page for inspiration from The Orders for inspiration...

I'd rather not name a month for Na'naat herself...

1. Mouth / Breath / Skies
2. Hand / Blood / Seas
3. Reach / Stir / Land
4. Look / Saw / Spirits
5. Bent / Touch / Mortals
6. Pleased / Looked Away / no more
7. Thought / Motioned / Gods (Arrival)
8. Wept
9. Island
10. City
11. Nobility
12. Prosperous
13. Emperor

Maybe this kind of thought path will yield some nice month names...

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Names of months

Definitely an interesting thought path! Have to play around to get month names - 13 months or 12?

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Rune associations to months?

Using my month monikers, here are the associations I've made from the Runes...

Gallidon - Rune-Weaving, Gallidon's Day
Atiron – Alteration = Pleased, Arrival, Wept, Nobility, Prosperous
Corvus – Animal Mastery = Pleased, Arrival, Wept, Prosperous
Dalia – Conjuration = Skies, Seas, Land, Mortals, Wept, Island, City, Nobility, Prosperous
Ishi – Sorcery of the Mind = Prosperous,
Kaday – Spirit Mastery = Spirits, Mortals, Pleased, Arrival, Wept, Nobility, Prosperous
Kotar – Constructs = City
Kreal – Illusion = Nobility (ouch! burn!)
Lucan – Shape Changing = Spirits, Mortals, Arrival, Wept, Nobility
Melanthias – Alchemy = Seas, Wept
Morana – Wards = Pleased, Wept, Island, City, Nobility, Prosperous
Nuada – The Elements = Skies, Seas, Land, Island
Ptah – Astral Travel = Pleased, Arrival
Ravan – Daimonology = Spirits, Mortals,
Talire – Celestial Forces = Skies, Prospoerous, Arrival, Wept
Tizqar – Telekinesis = Pleased, Arrival, Wept, Island, City, Nobility, Prosperous
Vakur – Far Sight = Pleased, Arrival, Wept, Prosperous
Vanth – Necromancy = Prosperous, Nobility, Wept, Arrival, Pleased

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Imperial Calendar

The official Imperial Calendar is now posted in the Mythos section.