RPG for Gallidon

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I just read the RPG book for the site and loved it. I was wondering if, since the characters, baddies, places and so on have changed so much, would their be an updated RPG book to reflect that.

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RPG Updates


I was the original author of the document (with help from others).

I'd like to update it sometime within the next few months. I probably won't have much time to update it until next year, unless I find some extra time somewhere. If you have specific suggestions, just let me know.

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Update in progress

I'm going through and updating the DnD RPG book.

Here's a list of things added so far (still in process of filling out specs)


  • Illustration Imperial Rune Weaver by Andy Underwood
  • Illustration Eyes of the Voice by Valesse
  • Illustration Mammatan by Valesse


  • “Mammatan” created by Valesse in Mammatan
  • “Seizkin” created by Maia Jacomus in The Great Drift; Part 3
  • “The Eyes” and “The Voice” created by Rune in Ambush in the Night

If the authors/creators of these ideas would like to review the individual pages, just let me know. I'm trying to spec them out using DnD stats, so I might think the are lower or higher level than the author intended or maybe I forgot a special attack or something. The Eyes and The Voice is especially interesting and I think I found some good attacks/powers for that :)

There's about 2 years worth of submissions that I'm slowly going through. If there's something recent that's not listed above, please post a link to the submission and I'll add it in there.