Setting my "City of Wolves" board game in Gallidon... // Can I ? Should I ?

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my name is Bernard, I'm french and I'm a self-taught graphic designer, musician and aspiring game designer.
I'm working on several game (board games or card games). One of them is in the "polishing" and "playtesting" phase and is called "City of Wolves".
It's a 2 player card game in which set in medieval times in which men are trying to survive against the desperate last attack of the wolf clan. The wolf clan is basically werewolves lead by an eminent figure called "the Father of all wolves".
The setting was largely inspired and rooted by european, and most specifically french history and legends. There have been thousands of trials and executions for lycanthropy (and witchcraft) in France.
I wanted the werewolves to represent "pagans" forces, worshippers of ancient gods, opposed to men and their one-true-god christian religion.

So far, the cities featured in my games were actual french cities, but I have receveived many feedbacks from players (and editors alike) telling me that this very specific euro/french background was probably too "narrow".
I will probably use all the researches I did for another board game based on french local legends and creatures, but I think I need to settle my game in "another world".
That's why I am here...

I think there are great things here, and it's very inspiring and I guess my game could really take place here, and help spread the word (on a small scale of course) about the great work done here.

I have, though, a couple of questions that I hope you may clarify...

- My game needs a lot of work and tweaking but could be published (fingers crossed). So it would become a commercial game.
I, of course, would cite and even wrote a paragraph in the rulebook etc about Gallidon. Would I have to do something else ?
I see "non commercial" in the attributions here.
- Do you think this background could fit in a part of Gallidon ? I need deep and dark woords where wolves can hide, a king trying to protect his realm, etc...

Can't wait to read from you all !

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Re: Setting my "City of Wolves" board game in Gallidon... // Can


Thanks for your interest in Gallidon! I sent you an email to discuss this in more detail.

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