volcano north of blackwind

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In order to create my story i need use of that volcano north of blackwind.

i dont know if you have named it yet, or even marked its location. my idea was that there an unknown cavern at the base of the volcano, leading underground. in which would set the tone for my story with a evil necromancer who resides there. does that sound ok?

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Blackwind volcano

Hi Vandan,

I see a volcano south of Blackwind on the map. The wind brings ash from this volcano north to blanket the city. Is that the one you are asking about? There is also another volcano on an isle north of Blackwind.

Using the volcano on the island north of Blackwind island is completely free and open. Using the volcano on Blackwind island will have a greater impact on other Artisan's efforts since it will effect a capital city.

You can also place a volcano on any of the other isles as needed for your story. Name the volcano, name the isle, get creative and get to work!

Your story definitely sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it.

Tony Graham
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