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Greetings and Salutations, I made this topic so that I may introduce myself to the community and that others new/old can do so as well. I apologies to the Stewards of Gallidon if I have overstepped anything by making such a declaration. So please forgive me if I have. I have been in other communities and I always found a thread like this to be common and useful in introducing yourself and learning about others.

My name is Dan and I'm 31yrs old. Gosh that seems so old now. =) I'm a married man of 7 years (yay!) and with one 4yr old son. He loves keeping me on my toes as I'm sure other parents can attest to I'm sure.

I have been role playing basically since college. It started in 'role chatting' as I called it back then. Then it evolved when I joined a community called 'The clan of the last Dragon' where I was introduced to improvisational interactive forum stories.

For those who do not know. One author/character starts a post, then the next person add to that post with their character either reacting to what was said or done in the previous post(s) and the next person does the same and so on. What evolves in a living story that could go on for ever or till the general objective is achieved. Sadly that community doesn't exist anymore. I have joined a other interactive forum story communities that either died out due to no knew posts, lack involvement of the people in charge or a fall out all together of the community.

This site looks very professional and well done. I loved the video serious I was very impressed. I am also very impressed with the work, rules, and content of this site and I hope that I can help further contribute to this world/community.

I will be working on an introduction story of type of character I usually play. I usually do a Gold Dragon character some what based on the DnD Gold Dragons. I have spend several hours reading through your site and I am confident that I can make Gold Dragon creature/character unique if not rooted in Gallidon that will ingrained and connected into the mythos of this world.

Tony wrote in the Monster Creation thread on Nov 8th

"For introducing creatures as powerful as dragons, the submission should be a very good Work with a lot of thought and care in it that makes the dragons somehow unique to the world of Gallidon. Those beasties could impact a large area. Which could, in turn, impact a lot of other Artisan's stories. So the Work would have to justify those kind of creative shock waves."

I plan on meeting that challege in the hopes that the stewards will allow me to use my character. If not I can always come up with others. But Dragons have always been my first character and favorite to write about and role play.

I look forward to meeting all of you, getting to know you all, and contributing to this community.

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Hi Danor,
Thank you for adding your voice to Runes of Gallidon. It sounds as if you are one of the many types of people we had in mind when we created RoG. We aimed for creative people, interested in collaboration, with a shared love of the genre, looking to do something a bit different. I'm happy you've found our growing band of Artisans.

Go you! for picking up the dragon gauntlet. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Tony Graham
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Would love to help

Kind of stalled on how to re-write something I submitted...I HATE when Tony is right about the revisions that need to be made. Bah Humbug! So, that being said, if would like some help from the community about a Dragon storyline I would love to help. Hey, Tony, could the Dragon fold into the undiscovered/lost seventh kingdom in some way?

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Dragons in the 7th Kingdom?

Building dragons into the 7th Kingdom is a definite possibility. Just keep in mind the notes from the 7th Kingdom forum thread and consider the following:

Where have they been for the last five thousand years of the Empire? There must continue to be some built-in design restraints on dragons - otherwise they could easily take over vast areas of the world. Something along the lines of VERY few in number, long periods of slumber, need a particular diet not commonly found, impossible to control/predict behavior, etc.

Any dragons introduced should fit, and in some way be unique to, the world of RoG. Dragons would have a major impact on the world and all the other Artisans working in RoG - so their introduction will have to be outstanding!

That said, I'm eager to see what happens.

Tony Graham
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I would say that part of it

I would say that part of it could be (maybe) a society of people who keep dragons trained and well kept. And, since the Destruction, there are only a handful of these people left now? Your thinking Danor?

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Typal Dragons

Something about Dragons that I have always thought stood out is their personality. Most seem pompous, and arrogant to the extreme. They often don't feel threatened by anything, and are very intelligent. That aside, they are magically and physically powerful to boot. I think a good way of getting past that would be to have them be few in number, and be in hiding, possibly in human form. It could even be possible that they have been hiding in numbers in human for, even making cities and towns with unique architecture. Something could be wrong with them, like them not being able to resume Dragon form any longer, or something of the sort. I could even be they their ability to do so was restrained by a past emperor. This, obviously, this is just one of the many things that could
be for Dragons. I get excited about Dragons as they are my absolute favorite mythical creature. So, I might just be rambling, but ideas are ideas!

P.S. I would also like to say hello and welcome to Danor! May your works be fruitful!

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Re: Introductions


Welcome to the Gallidon community, and thanks for taking the time to reach out to others. The Stewards created the forums to help the creative community and fans of Gallidon connect directly with each other, so your post is perfectly at home here!

You're definitely not alone in the Gallidon community with your history with role-playing (mine goes back to AD&D in the early 80's). You've probably already found the modules that Steward Tony Graham wrote, as well as the D&D 4e Player's Handbook created by Jim Welch.

While there are clearly common and popular elements in fantasy worlds, Runes of Gallidon was always meant to be different. There didn't seem to be much reason or value in recreating the D&D, Warcraft, or Lord of the Rings worlds.

Gallidon is something a little different, a little unusual, a little bit out of the ordinary for fantasy worlds. Bringing the many voices from the creative community together in one world certainly helps make it unique.

It's a very large world. There are tens of thousands of square miles left to be mapped, countless stories to be told, and many mysteries to be explored. I hope you find a corner of the world that interests you...

Thanks again for your interest in Gallidon,

Scott Walker
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A Kingdom of Dragons?

Hey Everyone,

Thank you Scott for the welcome I really appreciate it. cjpearson03, I would LOVE to have your help on this. I already submitted something and it was respectfully declined so any more input would be great.

RUNE!!! I LOVE what you put down. It maybe a ramble but it sounds like it just might be the thing we need. While I was at work last night, I work 10hr graveyard shifts tues-fri day so my online involvment and writting will slow during that time, and I read your post on my break and my mind went crazy!

Tony and Scott please lend your judgment to this, cjpearson03 add in the blanks or any other ideas, Rune let me know if its ok if I use your ideas like this and if you have any input into it.

Dragons imprisoned in human form rule the 7th Kingdom. They are the higharchy. They came to Gallidon through a portal. A Rune weaver between the 2nd and 13th Gallidon was experimenting with a new kind of magic for quicker routes between houses with out the long travel. But accidentally open a portal to another dimension which dragons came through. The emporer saw them as a danger that could quickly take over Gallidon but took mercy on them. Instead of destroying them he used his Mastery of Rune weaving to transform them into humans and gave them a kingdom to rule in, the 7th Kingdom. This Kingdom had a special ward/shield that kept them inside in case they found some way to over come their human bonds. This Ward only effects this dragon race. Other humans, merchants, tradesmen and what are not bound by this ward and able to come and go as they please. This will allow the kingdom to prosper but keep the dragons imprisoned under like a type of house arrest or Kingdom arrest. They were not allowed to hold any army or severe punishment would ensue.

When the "Destruction happened, that ward/shield faded and vanished to the fact of, what we possilby know of, no emperor. So with no Emperor, that power of the ward is gone.

The Dragons Like Rune said are pompous, and arrogant to the extreme. They view the human race as below them, others see them in need of their protection. The view is different from member to member or a mixture there of.

There is a anomaly in the Emperor's binding human spell on the dragons. Rarely but every so often through genes or mystical being example like being the 3rd child of a 3rd child or what not. Some of this dragon race are able to free themselves of their human bonds and return to their original bodies. But this as rare and very few.

The Dragons bring with them a new magic. Dragon magic but I don't how it will be different yet. Rune, cj help on this please with this.

Dragon ablities? Don't know, Other then their what magic we can think up for them or basics I don't know. I was kinda thinking of like them being elemental. One breaths fire, another ice ice, one makes storms with its wings, another causes earthquakes while stopping. I don't know but it was just a thought.

Ok guys what do you think. Rune, Cj.. your input on this?

Scott, Tony.. What do you think? Is something like this possible?

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Off the top of my head, I

Off the top of my head, I would say that the dragons (which have been imprisoned in human form for so long) would have learned some of the "human" rune magic found on Gallidon, maybe adding their own strange and curious twist to it and ALWAYS looking for ways to break the mystical bond placed upon them.

There should be inner conflict between the "dragon sects"--those who believe humans are beneath and those who believe that humans need them. Both groups see humans a weak and helpless, but respond to this helplessness in different ways. I think it would be cool to add something about how the dragons (ones that actually help humans) have been great heroes of renown in disguise.

As there is already elemental magic maybe you could focus on a particular type of new magic, like flying or longevity (since in most mythology dragons either live for centuries or are immortal). Anyway, those are just some thoughts as I finish up my lunch period. Hope they helped in some way.

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Dragons & the 7th Kingdom

I'm opening a new forum topic in the Workshop: Dragons & the 7th Kingdom to help with this discussion and creative brainstorming (this makes me wish Google Wave was in an open beta that everyone had access to).