You are hereby invited to take part in Runes of Gallidon. Look, read, listen and then create, collaborate and share. This fantasy world of swords, magic, adventure and mystery is user-generated. You own what you create. Find out more here.

We're really pleased to announce that Creative Commons posted about Runes of Gallidon today!

The permanent link is here.

New Artisans, an RPG module set in the Middle Kingdom, and the first ported Work.

A quick hello and welcome from the Stewards of Gallidon: Andy, Tony & Scott.

After an arduous journey of conversation, to formulation, determination and borderline insanity, Runes of Gallidon is finally live.

Thanks to Kali Chung, Michael Lee, Steve Axthelm, and Peter Damian Muhich for their invaluable aid in getting Runes of Gallidon off the desktop.

Sporting the latest in Imperial fashion and accessorized in runes, Ruena cut a path through the Comic-Con floor last month and had the pleasure of meeting icons in the industry such as Larry Elmore!

Ruena Hits the Comic-Con Floor

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